About Vashna Solution

VASHNA SOLUTION is a general procurement and supplies and ICT firm which offers high and professional services solutions to various institutions, organizations, corporate etc. Vashna Solution is specialized in visualizing new directions for entities in technology and brands with a goal to help create globally competitive market leaders. It has been fully registered under Number BN/2013/241887 pursuant to and in accordance with the provision of the registration of Business Names Act and Rule made thereunder.

What we Do?

As a general supplies and ICT firm, Vashna Solution offers a comprehensive range of products and services in East and Central Africa and surrounding areas.

We are a general supplier of goods and services in all aspects. We are currently supplying stationary, ICT consumables, ICT Equipment, cleaning material, Corporate Branded materials and handyman services to all kind of institutions, organization and other businesses.

Mission statement

We are currently supplying to fellow small businesses across Kenya with products and services. Our mission is to supply to all types of organizations and medium to large enterprises.


We strongly believe in customer satisfaction, honesty, mutual respect, openness, friendliness and walking the extra mile which is evidence in our attitude to simply never give up.

Business goals & objectives

Our goal is to be one stop general suppliers of all kind of products and services locally and online. We always go a step further in sourcing whatever products and services your business require. We aspire to serve the East and Central Africa good and by doing that we will be able to create jobs and plough back into the community. One of our main goals is to create jobs in the Kenya by appointing agents/business partners in the rural areas and therefore narrowing the jobless gab in our Country.